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Manduka GRP Yoga Mat - Elevate Your Practice with Ultra Slip Resistance 🌟

Unroll the Manduka GRP Yoga Mat in Steel Grey—a sanctuary for your practice. With ultra-slip resistance and sustainable craftsmanship, it's more than a mat; it's a mindful journey on eco-friendly terrain. Embrace each pose with grace on this silent ally of serenity.

Product Details:

  • Colour: Steel Grey
  • Brand: Manduka
  • Material: Other (Not specified)
  • Product Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only
  • Item Weight: 5.75 Pounds

Key Features:

  • Ultra Slip Resistance: The Manduka GRP Yoga Mat is ideal for hot or sweaty yoga practices. Its tri-layered construction maximizes grip in both sweaty and dry conditions. The innovative leather-like top layer ensures a no-slip grip, regardless of how much you sweat.

  • Superior Quality: Experience a responsive ride with luxuriously dense and smooth support. The mat provides the right amount of rebound at all points of contact, making it suitable for various yoga styles, including Bikram, Vinyasa, or Ashtanga.

  • Odor-Absorbent: The charcoal-infused natural rubber core effectively absorbs sweat, eliminating odors during your practice. The surface of the GRP Mat is moisture-wicking, even at high temperatures, ensuring a fresh and pleasant experience.

  • Ditch the Towel: Featuring 100% open airflow technology, this mat filters moisture immediately, even during intense sweat sessions. Enjoy the ultimate towel-less experience and stay focused on your practice.

  • Zero Waste: Manduka is committed to sustainability. The GRP Yoga Mat is made from sustainably harvested tree rubber, and unlike some rubber mats, it contains no toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process to soften rubber.

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash only to maintain the integrity of the materials.
  • Ensure proper drying after washing.

Elevate your yoga practice with the Manduka GRP Yoga Mat in Steel Grey. Experience unparalleled slip resistance, superior quality, and a commitment to sustainability. Order your Manduka GRP Yoga Mat today and take your practice to new heights! 🌟🧘

MANDUKA Hot Yoga Mat


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